Thursday, 5 January 2012

Leather Pants, Skirts and Dresses

A slight divergence from the usual posts, but here are some lovely ladies in leather. Leather pants or jeans appear a very common casual dress for the stars and indeed the D list stars, but they really do look very good. It has been very difficult to find good rear shots, but here is what I have.

Jennifer Lopez in short leather dress

Jennifer Lopez in short leather dress bending over, very nice. I would have to suspect that this has to be done without pants, or is this just me being hopeful 

Aurelia Gliwski for Neiman Marcus

Aurelia Gliwski for Neiman Marcus, lovely shot of her arse!
(re-blogged form

Unknown model in nice short leather dress

Tamara Ecclestone black leather pants

Alesha Dixon in black leather

Amy Childs in black leather pants

Amy Childs in black leather pants

Natash Bedingfield in black leather pants

Nice arse in black leather pants, but I can remember who she is

Emmanuelle Chriqui in red leather pants

The devine Bond Girl Gemma Arterton in cropped leather pants

Again the devine Bond Girl Gemma Arterton in cropped leather pants, I could look at this all day! Worth  Google eraching her "topless", great nipples.

Gio Ott in leather pants

Rear shot of Gio Ott in leather pants

Very nice rear shot of Gio Ott in leather pants

Hayden Panettiere in black leather pants

Frankie Sandford of the Saturdays in black leather pants

And finally some rather slutty "girls" in leather, simply for completeness of the post.

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