Monday, 13 February 2012

Musk by Rigby and Peller

Another post from the archives, Musk by Rigby and Peller. Not sure what happened, but Rigby and Pellor were at one stage an outstanding manufacturer of lingerie, particularly suiting the more ample rack. Always very expensive but nice. They remain as a retail outlet.

Depledge Lingerie

Here is one from the archives, the now defunct Depledge Lingerie. Used to be manufactured in Nottingham England and very nice it was indeed, although the colour had a terrible habit of fading regardless of how it was washed or indeed not washed!

Bridal Lingerie from Polish Manufacturer Gracya

Never heard of Gracya who appear to be a polish manufacturer, nice bridal lingerie though. Can't say I would be disappointed by one of these lovelies

Monday Special - Bride in Corset Wedding Dress

Lovely bride in lovely corset style wedding dress and thong.