Monday, 19 March 2012

Is the Blonde Model from Bravissimo Chloe Lewin

You may remember that I was wondering who the new models form Bravissimo were? There is the rather lovely brunette and also the a very pretty blonde. Blonds are not usually my type, but I am willing to make an exception here! One of the followers of the blog has suggested she may be Chloe Lewin, but I am not sure.... Miss Lewin was discovered on a Uk reallity TV show, Colleen's Real Women, where ordinary girls were pitted against professional models for modelling assignments. Sorry about the low quality of the pictures.

Here is the lovely blond in the latest summer offerings form Barvissimo with a couple of shots of Miss Lewin for comparison. The Alana bra is somewhat lower cut and hints at a lovely set of plump nipples.

Andorra Bra by Panache at Bravissimo

Ashley Bra from Bravissimo 

Alana Bra from Bravissimo 

Chloe Lewin

Chloe Lewin could be the girl

Chloe Lewin modelling for Pepperbery

Chloe Lewin 


  1. I can confirm this is Chloe Lewin, she wears a size 30GG bra.

  2. Whilst Chloe looks somewhat like the blonde woman wearing lingerie and she has indeed modeled for Bravissimo clothing before, this woman is not Chloe. Apart from the same colour eyes and hair their faces look quite different (and Chloe is shaped a little larger/not as toned as this model). I can't recall the name of the blonde in lingerie though :(

  3. Lol no that is not her- Chloe's my friend so know her face well! :)