Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Treat - Another Bridal Picture

Sorry that the Friday Treat has been missing since 16th December, somehow over the Christmas Holidays the days merge into one another and I simply forgot to do the post.

This nice picture shows faint marks on this young ladies arse where her knickers have been and have now been taken off. The nice broad bra straps suggest that the cups are supporting a very nice full DD plus rack. 

What next, on her back with her stocking clad legs spread or simply bend her over and take her from behind reaching forward to cup her nice big breasts?

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Natalia Andrade for Lisa Chamel

Nadya Nepomnyashaya models 2011 Collection For Atlantis by Panache

Nadya Nepomnyashaya (Надя Непомнящая), Uzbekistanian model for Panache Atlantis lingerie Collection Fall/Winter 2011 Photo shoot.

I think I might move to Uzbekistan!

Marks and Spencer 2010 and 2011

Some very nice high definition pictures from Marks and Spencer the UK retailer, models unknown.