Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday Treat - The Perfect Arse of Elle Liberachi , Stockings, Thong and Garter Belt

Perfection on a Friday - The perfect arse of Elle Liberachi in stockings, thong and garter belt.

Gossard Superboost Celebration Lingerie modelled by of Elle Liberachi, the front is nearly as good, visit the Gossard site and enjoy!

Olivia Garson for Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated managed to persuade Olivia Garson to model topless for them , unfortunately only with her arm spoiling the view. It is however possible to appreciate the fullness of her ample rack.

Heather Crook Bikini Shots for Bravissimo

Heather Crook in a bikini, what could be better? Heather Crook without a bikini, but these photos don't exist, so here she is modelling for Bravissimo. Olivia Garson is also featured in the third photo, another stunner who looks almost flat chested next to Heather.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Corset Gallery

I have gathered a rather random selection of corset picture for you pleasure. Unfortunately some of these are rather smaller than the usual high definition picture I try and post, but I am sure you will agree they are well worth a look.

I really like the concept of corseting, there is something very exciting about the restriction that a pure silk corset with steal boning delivers on a beautiful woman. Partnered with some nice handcuffs, ankle restraints, a spreader bar, stockings and stilettos just finishes the picture! Once comfortably restrained, if that is possible, it would seem very rude not to tighten the laces and increase the restriction.