Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fauve From Fantasie 2011

I posted the strapless bra and stockings, Rosa from Fauve at Fantasie as the Friday treat last week. Here is the rest of the set, might want to have a box of tissue close for this one!

I have reposted the strapless bra and stockings to give any collectors out there the complete set.

Model is unknown, but I would like to find her in the back of my car as I head home tonight.

Fantasie Fall Winter 2011 - 2011

Fantasie have previewed their 2011 - 2012 collection with a stunning new model. I am not usually a fan of blonds preferring brunettes, but I could be converted! Likely in this case closer inspection would reveal a brunette!

No idea who she is, but I will continue to try and find out. Please leave a comment if you know

Particularly like the Samantha range of bridal lingerie.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Massive File of Fantasie Belle

I have dug deep into the archives for this post of pictures of the classic Belle Range from Fantasie. Not sure how many years this range has been sold, but it is a good few. Some of these photos reflect their age being rather lower resolution than I would usually like. Just about every colour has been made over time, not sure which my favourite is, probably red. The range has appeared as full cup, balcony and strapless. A suspender belt (garter) belt has featured form time to time, an essential in my mind.

I would love to know who the blond model below is and also the one in the very last picture, although I would guess their identities will have been lost in the mists of time!