Thursday, 25 August 2011

Star In a Bra Contest

I really love the Star in a Bra contest run by lingerie manufacturer Curvy Kate. The concept is great, where you ask young women with large busts to take photographs of themselves in lingerie which you post on your wedsite and ask the public to vote on. Surprise surprise the public votes for the slim pretty ones with massive chests. Most of the models selected have 30G or 32F inch bra measurements and 90lb: Not many 40D or 42E bras and 200lb here.

Anyway, here are a couple of examples form 2011. I love Amanda Navin a 19 year old student who squeezed into Confetti Basque from Panche for her entry.

Curvy Kate have done a great job on photographing her in some of their own lingerie and happily carrying a banner demonstrating her 28H chest!

Laura Butler 30G is another great example of their models. I think that we have to hope that their careers blossom and they move to some glamour or nude work.


Keely Hazel in blue corset

Kelly Brooks in pink corset

Kelly Brooks in pink corset

Kelly Brooks in black corset

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Black Bra and Thong, What Could be Better?

Olivia Dorout modelling Elixer

Even better? Nelleke Verkaart modelling for Prima Donna with stockings

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sophia Jenner - Star in a Bra Contestant

Here is a link to an interesting blog posted by Sophia Jenner who competed in the 2011 Star in a Bra contest. Some very nice shots from a very pretty girl. Her bra size is a very healthy 32FF

Curvy Kate - Emily 'Flame'

Freya Red 'Arabella' 32FF

Olivia Garson Models Panache Superbra

Here are some supersized images of Olivia Garson modelling Super Bra for Panache.

Elomi Ocassions Basque

Elomi is not a brand that I would usually follow, perhaps a mistake looking a these two stunning images. No idea who the models are, but both are amazing

Monday, 22 August 2011

Sarah Jackson Perfect Arse

Having speculated about Sarah Jackson`s breast, I present her arse as perfection. I also use this as evidence for the thong as ideal female underwear.

Really is a bit of a shame that Sarah Jackson has not been photographed truly topless or indeed nude. I would pay a great deal of money to see either of these happen.

Sarah Jackson models Obsessive Lingerie

Sarah Jackson Breast Implants or Not?

Personally, I think Sarah Jackson is one of the most stunning of the lingerie models. Perhaps I am becoming a little cynical, but I have a suspicion that her perfect bust may not be totally natural. The evidence I would present is the near perfect shape achieved even without the support of a bra. Also, in the photograph below where she is holding her breasts, but is otherwise topless, I suspect a scar under the breast is to be seen. On the other hand, is this level of perfection possible with breast implants and is it truly a wonder of nature?

Just too perfect a shape?

Is this a scar under her right breast?

Sarah Jackson for Bravissimo

This is one of my favorite pictures not only of Sarah Jackson, but of all time. Can`t remember the brand of  lingerie

Sarah Jackson is a truly stunning model, but I have my suspicions that these breast may not be real. Give me your opinion