Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday Treat - Sasha Volkova in Transparent Pour Moi Opulence Set

Not only do I love the stockings and suspenders, but if you zoom in on this image you will find that Pour Moi has not bothered to airbrush out any of the flesh revealed by the picture. She might really as well be naked.

Have a great weekend!

Jade Ewen Whale Tail

I may explode with excitement, Jade Ewen modelling for Miss Ultimo, showing the best pink "whale tail" I have ever seen!

Jade Ewen Miss Ultimo in Leather Pants

Sorry for posting non lingerie photos, but I couldn't  resist Jade Ewen in leather pants and Miss Ultimo lingerie. There is something very sexy about leather pants

Jade Ewen Miss Ultimo

Never thought I would see  a Sugababe on my blog, but I am sure you will agree these photos of Jade Ewen are worth a post.
Jade Ewen models "Sailaway" for Miss Ultimo

Jade Ewen models "Logo" for Miss Ultimo

Jade Ewen models "Sailaway" for Miss Ultimo

Jade Ewen models "Sailaway" for Miss Ultimo

ASOS Jersey Tie Maxi Dress, could be Jayne Moore?

Here is a slight different offering. 
I have no idea who the model is and unusually for this blog she is not in lingerie. However, if you look even slightly closely at the picture, I think you will agree that she may have no more than a thong on, but I doubt if she even has that much lingerie!
This picture reminds me of one of the most erotic sights I have even seen. On a visit to South Africa I watched a young lady in a light weight maxi dress sweep up the stairs in a shopping centre unaware that the strong sun light had rendered her dress transparent. Like this model she had a perfect body, pert breasts and had also forgotten her underwear.
If you follow this link to the ASOS website you will be able to watch a "cat walk" video. Like me you may decide to watch this on a continuous loop. Click on "view Catwalk" under the main image

Bridal Lingerie from Marks and Spencer

This bridal lingerie for Marks and Spencer needs little commentary from me, I like the tall brunette!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Venus from Panache

Totally delightful, no idea who most of the models are, I would love to know who the blond model with the amazing rack is, please leave a comment if you have any idea. The model with the dark bobbed hair is Megan Cawate