Thursday, 25 August 2011

Star In a Bra Contest

I really love the Star in a Bra contest run by lingerie manufacturer Curvy Kate. The concept is great, where you ask young women with large busts to take photographs of themselves in lingerie which you post on your wedsite and ask the public to vote on. Surprise surprise the public votes for the slim pretty ones with massive chests. Most of the models selected have 30G or 32F inch bra measurements and 90lb: Not many 40D or 42E bras and 200lb here.

Anyway, here are a couple of examples form 2011. I love Amanda Navin a 19 year old student who squeezed into Confetti Basque from Panche for her entry.

Curvy Kate have done a great job on photographing her in some of their own lingerie and happily carrying a banner demonstrating her 28H chest!

Laura Butler 30G is another great example of their models. I think that we have to hope that their careers blossom and they move to some glamour or nude work.

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