Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Julia McLean Star in a Bra Australia Winner - HD Images

Further applauses for Curvy Kate in persuading more young ladies to strip off for us. Here Julia Mclean 30FF is the winner of the 2011 Star in a bra contest in Australia. The other girls look nice too, however again the plus size brand selects the 19 year old, thin girl with the large rack and not the size 16.

Interesting that Julia seems to have a tong on under her knickers, seem like somewhat over modest to me as the knickers are not really sheer!


  1. Hi there, just for your information, Curvy Kate is not a "plus sized" brand. The label defines itself as a provider of D+ lingerie, with accompanying band sizes ranging from 28 (Aus 6) to 40 (Aus 18). Curvy Kate's best selling bra size is a 32FF, and sample sizes are generally produced in a 32F. As such, it seems more than fitting that this girl was chosen as she is both a good representation of the clientele, as well as being a practical choice for modelling purposes.

  2. Fair comment here, I guess from the management of Curvy Kate!

  3. Not from Curvy Kate management actually! There are many CK fans out there who closely follow these competitions and like to clear up common misconceptions.