Friday, 13 January 2012

Perfect Woman Modelling Freya Arabella

I have already posted this picture of an unknown model from a few years back modelling the iconic Freya Arabella sheer lingerie. What I like most about this range is the style, the fit and also the sheer nature of the fabric revealing what is hidden underneath. I have to believe it has been a fantastic success as it remained in the range for some time and has been reinvented in very similar styles under other names eg Lyla. To be predictable I also like that it has come with a suspender or for you Americans garter belt.

Taking the sheer nature there has been a fair bit of photoshop used on most pictures, but there have been some great nipple shots and few well trimmed pussies have also been seen. I particular like the first picture, which to me is modelled by the perfect shaped woman. Nice full breasts, tight wait and hips which are not too wide or thin. You have to suspect the perfect rear is behind.

The second and third shots are also interesting as they come directly from the Freya website and without too close inspection shows a nice trim landing strip under the thong. Download the photo and then use the zoom function, this is a hi resolution photo

The perfect female body?

The perfectly trimmed pussy?

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