Monday, 23 January 2012

Who are the New Models at Bravissimo?

2012 has brought new offerings from the big bust specialist Bravissimo and with them new busty models. The challenge as always is to identify the model. Two new models have appeared one blond and one brunette, hopefully we will soon see them in a photo together, most likely for the spin off clothing label Pepperberry.


  1. I think it is Chloe Lewin

  2. Thanks for the suggestion I will post a few pictures and see what we think

  3. The blonde is Chloe Lewin, bra size 30GG.
    The brunette is Sarah Jackson, bra size 30FF. I believe Sarah threatens legal action a lot on unauthorised use of her images, just be aware, pity she feels that way.

    1. Don't think this is Sarah Jacksonis it????

      I have identified her in other posts

  4. Check this out, my guess this is the same blond model, its polish brand dalia lingerie {bielizna}