Thursday, 9 February 2012

Kathy Lloyd in Basque

Posted here is a 1980's glamour model Kathy Lloyd in two of the best non nude picture she did The first two are Kathy pictured in a yellow and red basque. Well worth a search on her name, although the quality of the scans ins't great due to the time when she was modelling, I think she has the most perfect natural breast I have ever seen. Unfortunately, she rapidly gained success which meant that she was not too keen to spread her legs with most of the images being rather softcore. Her perfectly trimmed pussy was really rather rarely seen mind you it was perfectly rimmed which was a little unusual at this time when a toothpick and floss was required if you ventured south on a girl.

I have also included one very poor quality scan from a set she did for UK Penthouse, I was mesmerised by this set as a lad, but have never been able to find any higher quality scans.

Have a look on Vintage Erotic Forum or bedroomwallbabes for more.

Kathy Lloyd in a red basque and stockings

Kathy Lloyd in a yellow basque and stockings

Kathy Lloyd from a 1980s UK Penthouse set.


  1. Always thought she was a stuck up cow , but her body was as good as sams and Linda's , big tits and a very hairy cunt .

    1. One of the best bodies for me. Not to hairy a cunt, but rarely seen